Reading and math proficiency by third grade are critical predictors of high school graduation and career success. Research shows that reading by the end of third grade enables students to shift from learning to read to reading to learn. This is also a critical time for learning key math concepts that begin to scaffold and expand after third grade.

Start Smart Texas is a public/private partnership between state agencies established to address student success. Underlying this effort is the belief that we ALL can play a role in reaching these critical milestones. Start Smart Texas helps community partners and families with school readiness, reading and math proficiency and summer learning loss. This initiative engages and empowers families and caregivers in expanding childrens’ development.

Parents, schools, and community partners — such as non-profits and foundations — can help kids reach their full potential, if we ALL work together. City-by-city, across our state, we can create a movement with a goal of ultimately increasing reading and math outcomes for ALL Texas students.

Steps for Becoming a Start Smart Texas Member:

1. Develop and convene a cross-sector coalition with a designated leader (or designate a current coalition) as a Start Smart Texas community.

2. Complete a Start Smart Texas Plan-of-Action Framework_Final Draft (or submit an existing plan) describing previous and future strategies to improve kindergarten readiness, family engagement, reading and math proficiency and other indicators your coalition targets. 

Submit your letter and plan to:
Adrianna Cuellar
United Ways of Texas