How to Help My Students

How to Help My Students

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Gain instant access to the content you seek, whether you are looking for “just-in-time” resources that you can leverage during a particular lesson, sequenced binders of instruction that you can assign to students, or self-directed PD training courses that you can take to earn CPE credit hours. This is the gateway to the content you need for your classroom and for yourself.

Texas Gateway

The Literacy Achievement Academies.

In 2015 the Texas Legislature developed Literacy Achievement and Reading-to-Learn academies available for public school teachers. The Literacy Achievement Academies are geared for teachers who provide reading instruction at kindergarten, first, second, or third grade.

The Reading-to-Learn Academies are aimed at teachers who provide reading instruction to students in the fourth or fifth grade. The purpose of the academies is to enhance teachers’ knowledge and skills in reading instruction to effectively guide students to proficiency in the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. Each academy addresses the needs of all students, particularly students from demographic groups with persistent achievement gaps. For more information:

Literacy Achievement Academies & Reading to Learn Academies

Through Texas School Ready, teachers participate in a comprehensive teacher training program that has been proven to improve instructional practices in the classroom. The resources on this page are for all early childhood education and preschool teachers and providers. Click here for more information.